Salon suite is one of industry’s fastest-growing segments. Success level has driven the industry buzz over the topic. When you’re fantasizing about supplying your customers with luxury and being your own boss, the lounge suite is tempting.

Colorfully and luxuriously decorated salon suites attract high-end clients. According to a survey conducted by Professional Consultants & Resources, the 2013 Chair and Suite Rental Report in the U.S., by 2015, approximately 50% of U.S. salons would offer some form of leasing model.

Salon suites are mini-salons with large commercial space occupied by a hairstyler. The wide room requires co-working, allowing many stylists to share rental space. Hairstylists or franchisees rent the whole room, not the typical rental booth. Suite owners make good money when paying reasonable rent dueto co-sharing.

Four reasons to move to a salon suite

  1. Freedom: being your own boss gives you power of your working hours and free of dramas.
  2. Ownership: The salon professional owns their business; therefore, they do not need professional management or a full salon.
  3. Increased earnings: The salon owner enjoys building the salon brand and increase customers. One can also choose to sell goods that increase revenue produced.
  4. Private customer experience: Customers who visit salon suites enjoy one-on – one private attention. Peace and tranquility are wonderful qualities consumers appreciate.

Advantages of salon suite ownership


Privacy is one of the main selling points for salon suites. Some customers enjoy one-on – one stylists experience. Unlike in conventional lounges, where there are many people, the salon suite is private and quiet.


Stylists in salon suits have an appointment book that clients can schedule when they want to attend. For example, a salon near a hospital may have night services for nurses. Often, offering unique designs that suit the target clientele is simple.

Retail space

Stylists in conventional salons keep the small fee on items they offer. To those in salon suites, the deal maintains a 100% discount on items. We can probably recommend any items without actually looking like they’re advertising them.


Interior design and styling options in a salon suite create a pleasing pattern that makes customers feel relaxed. Stylists can show ingenuity and expertise by selecting tools, decals, wall decor, and painting. The distinctive look is essential to a personal brand.